blossom hearts

....homewhen i was in fourth grade i visited this orphanage called st Catherine home as an alter boy.they provide home to helpless, vulnerable babies, girls and some older women..

Children are admitted under different groupings – abandoned  babies, toddlers, orphans,children with HIV, girls..

that was the first time where i experienced watching new born babies with a sense of touch and peacefulness..i never felt the change ever before..i was so traumatized to hear those babies were HIV infected..they handle around 200 to more babies infected or abandoned..well..

many years passed I am stunning…lets just say 21 years old..and after a month of struggling to find an internship in online marketing..bless fully i was selected as an intern in reputed company ..its not because i had skills..i mean…c’mon  as an intern what more they expect

well..they can..more precisely they age guys were computer savvy..

the same evening after my internship interview i stood before the grotto and prayed

it may seem kiddish but i promised mother i would repay her if i get this job

guess what…

i received a call from the HR department stating that iv been selected as an intern..

A person who truly understands this feel …would feel it isn’t easy to  express through words.i was i am working as an intern and also started writing blogs in my free time surely that does not exclude my office hours..that can be kept as a just clicked my mind to help the helpless on my first months salary..but the decision what i’ve taken now to visit st Catherine home after 13 years is an unfortunate decision..well you can guess???who would be the miracle worker








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