My Digital Marketing Journey

Well…there’s one more month for my internship to get over. These many days I believe I have learned     almost all the parts of off-page activities..but still I feel if they extend my internship for three more        months it would really be helpful for my carrier as well to be called as a certified intern..because within three months .. I learnt how off- page activities work and what impact it has on digital marketing..

However, From the companies point of view they would blindly go with an experienced person rather than an if given a chance I would be glad enough to work for few more months..

The list till date what I have Studied are as follows:

  1. Guest posting: Guest posting is one of the crucial part of digital marketing.First step would be collecting raw data’s with the given keywords such as: write to us,submit,contribute etc.. and listing the URLs of the sites in an excel sheet.Then consult with site admin with a copy of our content. And check if they are Interested in guest posting.
  2. LinkedIn forums: This task would help our business site to gain more exposure. checking out forums who converse about the  topic relevant to ours .. more importantly it should be a freelance forum because business forums  would not be Interested they are pictured as competitors in an online marketing point of view.So getting engaged with the LinkedIn community and posting our contents and and webinars may help associate more with the group
  3. Blog posting:  This may be included in on-page activities. blog post is nothing  but finding interlinks for our website and creating meta titles and description for different blogs..Its done by collecting all the keywords in each blogs,filing it in an excel sheet  for making changes in our  blogs content for to rank on google pages. It also helps in finding interlinks within our website to the blogs. Which keyword has more repetition in our blog accordingly we can link that blog to our sub pages
  4. Google analytics: Google analytics is a vast process. companies search for certified google analytics candidates to handle the process. I laid my hands on the dashboard and the admin area of google analytics.  I have collected reports of the audience over view and also worked on creating annotations,dimensions and metrics, custom and automatic alerts and learned few insights
  5. copyscape plagiarism: This tool would help you find any copied contents from other website and then by using awesome screen shot you can select the copied part and save it in an excel sheet for implementation
  6. Act-on: This tool is an advanced email marketing tool. It can not be called as just the Email marketing tool it also helps in generating sales by providing customers insights and also has few features of analytics …it directly syncs with the CRM.
  7. Apart from the task I’ve also handled rectified contents for recheck, converting image text
  8. And few useful links to go through :
  12. And few more all these info Helped me in my online goals plus these info isn’t just SEO its shows the whole view of online marketingcross



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