Airtel’s customer service disappoints the customer

This is not the first time..well ..its the second time Airtel has shown to be incompetent When it comes to customer service.It was on weekends ..too bad ..i did not have access to my internet on my computer so   ..I used my pocket money to purchase an internet voucher of airtel though it wasn’t that expensive was worth my pocket money. Like every one does I followed the procedure : scratch,check the pin no. type it on  mobile and wait to every other day it displayed the message “you will soon receive and SMS”  I am one of the luckiest Airtel customer to wait for the SMS for two days and still waiting for my internet to be accessed. I was very disappointed, my excitement for social media’s  was broke. I called customer service took the burden to clear all their automated  options and finally!!! it says to speak to the customer service you need to have balance. well ..I agree with that there would be a charge for any its just customer service for them..but along with my internet voucher I also purchased recharge card for 20 bucks.It was deducted and they failed to inform the reason..I was traumatized my plans for the weekend flopped. But I could resist this” Disloyalty“They show outstanding advertisement

which says about transparency is this all just for media coverage and ROI??Big firm has different departments work for page ranking online, planning media slots,buying, producing ads,why is that??

What is the core reason for this??

Well let me re-taught ..its for Customer Service

This is the message what I received and link which says Recharge.Please is an expired one

Before posting it on twitter I informed them about my next move if the dont do the needfull

They replied to my email the superior would call me within few minutes ..which they haven’t

Check few other screen shot:

This is the sincerity they show towards customers more importantly native customers who are not aware of devices. Hats off!!!!!!!…at present I feel ashamed


20160726_164940 (1)


Screenshot_2016-07-25-14-58-36 (1)


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