Vodafone offering the worst customer service Ever!!

The Biggest Telecom giants like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance etc promise to offer fascinating services just to stand out of clutters and cover more target audience or turn them against their provider by offering better package,cost effectively. Eventually, when you realize it is the poor service ever you experienced in your life and captivated for few more months. How do you feel?

I was a loyal customer for airtel for many years, just because of the corporate plan which  persuaded me towards Vodafone services.

Well after a month, they started showing the symptoms of incompetence towards my services.

Now iam on the height of loosing myself and look for another services. Yesterday was the third time I drafted an  email to Vodafone for three different issues from past four months.

This time Vodafone has new allegation on me that i haven’t paid my Vodafone  Dec-Jan month payment of my general account which they say is the same number #7718992037. As per their customer service.

Well, I have two account on the same number, one is general account and one is corporate. But if they can check i have ported my number from Airtel to Vodafone just because of the corporate deal which Vodafone bought to my office Cross-tab.

Now here is the best part Their corporate customer service executive Sajan Atepadat  made an error by changing my corporate a/c to individual, which is really disappointing because i faced the consequences.  However  he did accept his mistake, Eventually. but still the loss what i experienced is nothing compared to the apologies.

Vodafone has been disconnecting my service again and again when the problem and error is from their back-end department. Ive been continuously calling Vodafone complaints dept and  SajanAtepadat  on This  mobile number and email




SajanAtepadat(customer service executive)   promised me that issue will be resolved but it has been almost a month now and it isn’t, This shows how promising their services are and  from the past three days my services are disconnected.

SajanAtepadat fails to respond to my calls and messages and Ignoring me.

I have experienced  tremendous loss, and i am really disappointed because of the pathetic service.


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